Light Purple Floral Jr.Gent Millefiori Pen


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This gorgeous pen is decorated with millefiori flowers made out ofpolymer clay, which is an ancient glass blowing technique that has beenreproduced using polymer clay. You will find a beautiful garden of Light Purple roses, pink and mint flowers, mint flowers with yellowbutterflies on this pen. Pen is handcrafted byToni Ransfield using brass tubes covered with polymer clay. This wouldmake a very special gift for anyone.

I cut slices of several different floral canes that I have madeand applied them to the pen. Carefully smoothed onto the pen and baked in theoven till cured, sanded and buffed to a high sheen. For extra protection a very thincoating of gloss is then applied to keep the pen as shiny as it was when it hasbeen purchased.

Jr.Gent II Roller Ball in Gold Titanium Alloy with a thin black accent in the center band, Postable cap.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in