Violet Rose Baton Stylus


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This gorgeous Stylus is decorated with millefiori flowers made out of polymer clay, which is an ancient glass blowing technique that has been reproduced using polymer clay. You will find a beautiful garden of Violet Roses, Pink Flowers and Magenta/Pink Flowers with Blue Butterflies. Stylus is handcrafted by Toni Ransfield using a brass tube covered with polymer clay. This would make a very special gift for anyone.

I cut slices of several different floral canes that I have made and applied them to the pen. Carefully smoothed onto the pen and baked in the oven till cured, sanded and buffed to a high sheen.

The reason it is called a “Baton Stylus” is because there is a Stylus tip at each end, instead of a pen. This way you wont stab yourself with it while using your touch pad.


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in